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Exercising Your Sarcasm

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Exercising Your Sarcasm

Sarcasm has been no doubt been in use since the dawn of humanity, with most languages have their own forms of sarcasm.  Sarcasm is a form of humor, an ironic statement that can be considered either funny or rude depending on the delivery of the comment as well as the situation.  Humor can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of a communicator because if used at the wrong time, you can make a terrible impression.  This can be awful for the artist whose job it is, is to reach people with their work.  Imagine not being able to reach someone on a personal level because that’s what it equates to when you can’t joke around with someone.  There’s this barrier between the speaker and the listener and no matter what, it’s not easy to communicate with someone who can’t understand language on a basic level.

People who aren’t able…

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Merry Christmas from All of Us at Cereal Authors!

Cereal Authors

A very Merry Christmas to all our fans, followers and friends who have helped to make Cereal Authors a success! I also want to extend a big thank you to our members.

Rachel RuebenRachel Rueben, author of YA novel Hag, posts the second of every month. She shares scenes from her books, writing tips and author information. Also, check out her web site Writing by the Seat of my Pants  Rachel also is my co-host on both Red River Radio shows, as well as Karen Vaughan’s show.

dellani photo dark redDellani Oakes, author of the Lone Wolf Series, The Ninja Tattoo, So Much It Hurts, One Night in Daytona Beach, Undiscovered, Under the Western Sky, and many more, came up with the idea for Cereal Authors. (Rachel Rueben made it fly – thank you, Rachel!) Dellani hosts Dellani’s Tea Time and What’s Write for Me second Monday and fourth Wednesday of every month on…

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Watchdogs Part 3

Cereal Authors

by R L Davis Hays 2017

WIP copy

“Tori, honey? Could you come in here when you get a sec?”

My mom’s voice sounded strained and I had just walked in the door. What could it be so soon? The bittersweet smoke lingering in the air screamed to me of the presence of Derek, her cigarette-toting man-thing.  By God, he had the worst taste in smokes.

I used to love the smell of my grandfather’s pipe, stuffed with the butt-ends of his cheap cigars, a sweet hickory scent that infused my grandparent’s log cabin with the trappings of comfort and acceptance.  Not the same as Derek’s at all.

Clutching my backpack, I hurried to my room, briefly catching the sight of dark hair on curled toes peeking out of two Birkenstocks that had seen better days.  Through the door to our living room, I could see his pajama clad legs as he…

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Character Quotes from Love Comes Lately by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-image“Kirk Stanton Jansen. Very distinguished.”

“Actually, it’s Kirkland. That was my father’s mother’s maiden name. I’m just a whole genealogy line instead of a person. I feel like I should be hyphenated.”

“That sounds incredibly painful.”

“Right up there with getting a cock ring.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes from THE EXCURSION by R L Davis Hays

Cereal Authors

Kein n Rach CA

As soon as he was done, she pointed languidly at his cheek and asked, “Those scars on your face. Where’d you get them?”

“Why?” he asked, noticing a different tone in her voice.

“They’re sexy looking,” she added playfully.

He sobered a bit, raised one sharp eyebrow, and said with a clever cock of the head, “A massive reaverbear slashed me with its two long claws right before I chopped its head off.”

“Really?” Her eyes were wide.

He couldn’t conceal his smile, confessing the lie in his eyes.

“Com’on! Really?” Rachel pushed his shoulder, a bit harder than she had intended.

They both laughed.

“No,” he admitted.

“Seriously then, where’d you get ‘em?”

“I can’t tell you.” He resisted, then added with a wicked grin. “Then I’d have to kill you.”

Rachel shoved him with a fumbling slap on his chest. “Hot! Got any others?”

“Nope,” he laughed, suddenly…

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A Work in Progress — Watchdogs

A new part of WATCHDOGS is up on Cereal Authors!

Cereal Authors

Part 2

High school locker rooms.  Every kid’s favorite place.  The arena to expose our physical flaws to our worst critics like exposing our jugular to a vampire.

I may not be the tallest girl in my class, but I’m gangling enough to pass as a teenage boy if I wanted.  All shoulders and elbows.  Stupid pseudo-ectomorph body type.  My breasts popped out in seventh grade, but quickly gave up the fight against gravity.  Now they are just two medium ski slopes dangling above a small paunch of “baby fat” that refuses to go away no matter how many sit-ups my coaches tell me to do.  I don’t want a six-pack; I just want to be able to button my jeans without lying flat on my bed.

If having attention being called to my body’s disproportions during (not one, but two) gym classes each weekday and giggled about by my…

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