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Character Quotes from Posed for Love by Dellani

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character-quotes-image“You okay back there?” Tina turned around and looked at me carefully.

“I’m back here having an epiphany of sorts amongst the debris of Bob’s backseat.”

“That would make an interesting name for a painting or a photo-montage. Epiphany Amongst the Debris,” Bob said, not the least bit offended by my comment.

Tina threw up her hands in mock disgust. “Artists!”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Cereal Authors

Whether it be the Bard or Hemingway, insults have peppered literature for centuries.  The are the comic relief in a heavy tragedy or a deep philosophical read.  For the next few blogs, I am going to explore the literary quips from the classics to Shakespeare.  I may even delve into some salvos from independent authors.

In my research on the topic, i found so many political incorrect ways of telling someone off. These characters aren’t event trying to be nice and that’s the fun of it. So once more into the fray.

To liven up a dull conversation:

Timequake by [Vonnegut, Kurt]“If your brains were dynamite there wouldn’t be enough to blow your hat off.” – Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut

For telling someone to get lost, but nicely:

Product Details“I desire that we be better strangers.” – As You Like It, William Shakespeare

Bridget Jones Diary By Helen Fielding

4b4f9661-7751-44b7-a06d-d3bc2cb2d300-620x375For dispelling any illusions:

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Character Quotes: Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair

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9e076-janoose-fff2bcover2bimage2bjpeg Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair

The Fox Is Back! What Does He Want Now?


Margie whispered to Janoose and Mallard. “You know the painter who has been painting the factory? He is by the truck now. Is his going to paint the delivery truck, too?”

        3bcdd-janoose2b22b2bpage2b32bsigned2bfor2bonline      Janoose looked toward the truck. The painter quickly looked away, pulling his cap down over his eyes.

              Mallard said with a laugh, “No, he’s not,” before Mallard hurried over to the painter calling, “Oh, Mr. Painter!”


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How To Market Your YA Book Part 2

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pinterest_62eb032147 Image via Pixabay

A few years ago I wrote about marketing a YA novel and since then several things have changed for one, there are more marketing avenues as well as more pitfalls.  When I wrote that post in 2013, mobile phone usage was on the rise worldwide and tablets were new.  Fast forward 4 years and mobile phones are a necessity while tablets are now being used by cats and infants.  I kid you not.

In this post I answer the questions where are the young people and what do they want?  Also, I address some important trends that are revolutionizing the publishing industry.  So let’s get started…

More Media, More Problems

In the past few years Facebook has reigned as the king of social media with over 1.79 billion users but it does have competition particularly, when it comes to reaching young people.   Sites like Instagram, Snapchat…

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Among the Shine Clan – Part 1

Cereal Authors

among-the-shine-clan-coverIt wasn’t going to be a very good day, Fiddlestix could tell already. Not even 0800 and already she’d had six serious confrontations, three semi-serious and two minimal ones. Admittedly, some of the confrontations had been her fault. She had just finished a briefing with General McLain and wasn’t in much of a mood to be messed with. She hated days that started by putting her people on report, but the mission had everyone on edge, including her.

Nine heavily cybered soldiers and their semi-psychotic handler had gone AWOL nearly three days ago. Their last known position was deep in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee in an area known to be owned and protected by an organization who called themselves the Shine Clan.

The Shine Clan held to the principle that “The South Shall Rise Again”. They hated to admit that the War Between the States was over, and…

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New from Stephanie Osborn!

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Chromosphere Press Announces Book 2 in the Division One Series!

11 APRIL 2017



What if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right all along, and Harry Houdini really DID do his a small medium at large stephanie osbornillusions, not through sleight of hand, but via noncorporeal means? More, what if he could do this because…he wasn’t human?

Ari Ho’d’ni, Glu’g’ik son of the Special Steward of the Royal House of Va’du’sha’ā, better known to modern humans as an alien Gray from the ninth planet of Zeta Reticuli A, fled his homeworld with the rest of his family during a time of impending global civil war. With them, they brought a unique device which, in its absence, ultimately caused the failure of the uprisings and the collapse of the imperial regime. Consequently Va’du’sha’ā has been at peace for more than a century. What is the F’al, and why has a rebel faction sent…

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Character Quote from Bank on Love by Dellani

Cereal Authors

Carlton kissed her hand, making the women around them sigh. He was equally as handsome as Claude. In his red and gold uniform, he looked quite impressive.

“Does that come with the tour?” an older woman behind her asked in a sharp tone. “If so, I want mine!”

“Only for VIPs,” Carlton stated with a dazzling smile.

“How do I get to be one of those?” the woman asked, not letting it drop.

“By dating me,” Claude flashed his own brilliant grin. “Sorry, I’m taken.” He led Violet onto the elevator and Carlton closed the doors before anyone could join them.

“I guess that’s all part of the VIP treatment,” Violet giggled as the elevator started up.

“That’s Carlton’s twisted sense of humor.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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