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Where the Winds Blow — 32

Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays

Watching the thin pale smoke inside one of the numerous glow orbs that lined the gallery, Lauralei issued a deliberate sigh. Her maidservant, Ameila, glanced in her direction as they strolled. The Contes had requested Ameila accompany her to the royal court and for that opportunity, the maidservant was grateful. Yet, the few drops of elven blood still residing in her family line were weary of being deep underground. She was longing for wind and trees, the smells of the season and the ripple of leaves. Her psyche screamed, and no matter the height of the room, she wanted to claw off her face.

Shuddering at the ever growing distance she felt from all things green, Ameila tried to attend to her mistress’s mood. “A sigh of boredom or despair, Contes? Are you ready to return to Jeullion?”

“Even you are addressing me by title now?”

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Character Quotes from One Fat Witch by Heather Poinsett Dunbar and Christopher Dunbar

Cereal Authors

Because … that necklace is weird.

Hazel trailed Poppa Bear into a larger room with arcane symbols, shapes, and bookshelves.  “Uhm, I got it at Bunny’s during lunch.”

“You went to another store!” Poppa turned back to her, “but you’re my customer!  I don’t care if your dorky sister works there, you are my customer, Hazel.  Bunny and I have a deal, she gets the old angel lady contingent and I get the cool witches, Vincents, and rich weirdos north of Houston.”

She noticed Poppa Bear pout a little.

“Sorry.” Hazel said.  “Now, please tell me where we are, Poppa Bear.”

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Character Quotes from And Itza Danced by Dellani

Cereal Authors

And Itza Danced coverThe bandit screamed, babbled, begged For Mercy. Itza couldn’t hear him. The blood pounded in her ears and fury blinded her. She was completely focused on her opponent, but had anyone else gotten into her line of attack, she would probably have killed them too. She was unstoppable, unpredictable, a conflagration of maniacal madness which could only be defused by burning itself completely out, extinguished in blood.

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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Schadenfreude is NOT Scary!

The Creative Works of James Harrington

I’ve been a huge horror movie fan for a while, but there is one thing that always irked me about a certain ongoing trend in them. I was going to ignore it until I noticed that it was happening in suspense/thriller novels as well.

Here’s the deal, everyone has seen these movies. The story starts off with a group of people. These people are usually in their teens or early 20s. They have drug problems, criminal records, are not the most upstanding people around either being depraved or entitled, and the horror story their stuck in is 99.99999% of the time of their own making. Either they pissed off fate, did something really stupid, or went somewhere that they shouldn’t have been.

I’ve always felt that horror is 30% visual, 70% psychological. You can add visual descriptions, jump scares (in visual medias anyway), and things like that, but in the…

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Fedelta Parte 25: Forget Me Not

Catch Rachel Rueben’s latest!

Cereal Authors

397450942_c0cb3cf04e_z Pic By Arthur Lin via Flickr

Cassie waited impatiently in the corner booth of Carmelita’s for Stephano.  Tapping her red nails on the table’s black, laminate veneer, she wondered what was the angle?  Either he had talked to his boss, or he didn’t want his wife Destiny, hearing what he had to say.  Perhaps it was a little of both?  Turning her head towards the window, she watched people passing by the restaurant, when finally she saw him.  Dressed in a long wool coat,  with his face barely peeking out from his black fedora was Stephano Rimaldi.  Flanked by his two bodyguards, he walked into the restaurant and was greeted instantly by a server who took his coat and hat then, carefully placed them on the coat rack in the corner.  Stephano looked over his should at one of his men and without fumbling, the man pulled out a fifty…

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Character Quotes from Under the Western Sky by Dellani

Cereal Authors

Under the Western Sky http://tinyurl.com/lkupnte Under the Western Sky http://tinyurl.com/lkupnte

Libby Marshal leaned over the pool table lining up her shot, slender hips twitching to KC and the Sunshine Band. She hummed distractedly as she eyed the table. Bobby Menendez stood behind her enjoying the view. His hands moved forward, tingling to touch her.

“Touch me and die, Roberto Hermida Menendez.”

“Man, how did you know?”

She made her shot, long distance across the felt top, snapping her pool cue, nearly nailing him in the testicles when her arm came back.

“Shouldn’t stand so close,” Danny said across the table from her.

“Oh, man, the view!”

Bobby held his hands the width of her hips apart. He bit his lip as she faced him, a frown on her face. Her green eyes flashed at him. With a toss of her short, blonde, curly hair, she moved away from him with a glare. His dark brown…

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Where the Winds Blow — 31

Their fates are beginning to take form. Will their love survive?

Cereal Authors

From the fantasy series by R L Davis Hays

Many leagues away from the monastery…

“So young to be a widow. How sad.”

It was a reoccurring theme around the Quithai royal court this night. Lauralei had overheard the not so subtle whispers several times as she would pass bundles of courtiers. She did her best to hide her smile and look demur, casting her eyes down or moving away to a new corner.

She wanted to spin across the floor in the arms of some new acquaintance, however her public mourning was far from over.  Decorum dictated that she not dance, sing, or partake of intoxicating substances for a minimum of three months. It was her Terme du Sorwen.

Lauralei for courtHer one consolation was that she could wait out her Terme in the long and glorious royal house of Quithai. The widow of a conte was considered noble regardless of…

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