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Fedelta Parte 25: Regret Me Not

Cereal Authors

397450942_c0cb3cf04e_z Photo by Arthur Lin via Flickr

Cassie waited impatiently in a corner booth of Carmelita’s restaurant for Stephano.  Tapping her red nails on the table’s black, laminate veneer, she wondered what was the angle?  Either he had talked to his boss, or he didn’t want his wife Destiny, hearing what he had to say.  Perhaps it was a little of both?  Turning her head towards the window she watched people passing by the coffee house, when finally she saw him.  Dressed in a long trench coat, and his face barely peeking out from the black fedora covering his head was Stephano Rimaldi.  Flanked by his two bodyguards he walked into the coffee house and was greeted instantly by a server who took his coat and hat then carefully placed them on the coat rack in the corner, right next to Cassie’s table.  Stephano looked over his should at one of…

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Where the Winds Blow — Chapter 34

Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays

Returning to his step-family’s estate in Culetan, ‘Khiall insisted on knowing the whereabouts of Lauralei. In answer, he is given a letter to read from her…

Third day of Kha’Nad

Dearest mother Sarrah,

I promised to write to you, and I have been remiss in that duty. Here at the royal house there are many things to keep my attentions, more so than there were at the Conte’s manor. Yet, that is no excuse.

I wish to have a visit when my time for mourning is ended, which unfortunately would mean missing the feast of Gaerm-Yul being shared with you. Rest assured that I will be celebrating it, though. It is one of the high holidays here at the palace! Perhaps I shall come home for the Ennaeg. I would dearly love to sing in the new year with family and old friends. Or, better yet…

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Character Quotes from Something New by Dellani

Cereal Authors

Something New second cover“We’ve been summoned. To the Presence.”

“What’s the Presence?”

“It’s not a what, it’s a who.”

“Okay, that then.”

“The Presence is what we call the God of Broadcasting in this city. He knows all, he sees all, he’s God,” Elaine explained.

“Does this paragon have a name?”

“Yes,” Liat said. “I call him Daddy.”

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Fedelta Parte 27: Snitches

Cereal Authors

3277084511_0e9d5e28fb_z Pic by Mavi Kemani via Flickr

All of the old hat detectives delighted in reviving their alter egos from yesteryear, “Hey you mutha fuckas ready to roll?” Jimmy yelled from the end of the hall.  “Aihhh, keep your toupee on!” Amato yelled at Jimmy.  As the others at the bar laughed at the exchange, Cassie kept checking her phone.  She got a call from her ex Stephano, over an hour ago, but couldn’t answer it without looking suspicious.  She already knew that Amato would figure things out eventually but how long that took would all depend on her ability to play it cool.  She had to make good on this one deal with Stephano because it could change her life.  As Cassie watched the boys chum it up, she was desperately waiting for them to just leave.  Finally her prayers were answered when the guys started filing out of the…

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Where the Winds Blow — Chapter 33

Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays

He stood, the chill air caressing his skin. Eyes closed to the world around him, D’harro’mar’rie’Khiall let his fate sink into his conscious mind, feeling it tickle the raw indignation of the last few days.

The Blessed Fathers of the Monastic Temple University of Coreigan had made up their minds about his motives and guilt long before his tribunal had begun. Twelve hours spent with his neck tied to a rock in order to incapacitate him was the least of his trials as he was relentlessly questioned and prodded.


The first moment they had allowed him to stand upright, he had insisted to them, “Nothing happened in the garden.”

“We will decide that. Now, open your mouth.”

“Why?” Khiall flinched back from the approaching acolyte. “I’m bathed in blood, yet you want to look in my mouth? I didn’t bite him!”

“Father Grae is simply…

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Character Quotes from THE CONVERGENCE

Cereal Authors

by R L Davis Hays

“…Did you say that his mother cut his ears?”

Lylith nodded blandly. “As a child, she tried to make him look more elven by trimming them shorter. They healed over quickly, he said, but they always grew back to the same shape afterwards. Over a couple of years, of course. So, she had to keep cutting them.”

conv cover for blogsKeinigan’s hands flew protectively to his own ears, “Ouch! I don’t even want to think about that. That’s horrible.”

“I thought it was cruel when he told me, but since you’ve told me how…sensitive they are for faerlins, now I find it very cruel and heartless treatment indeed.” She gasped. “Why, it would be like cutting off part of his…”

Her words were stopped by the faerlin. “Don’t say it!” Keinigan insisted.

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Find Your Voice And Keep It

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I am a writer first and foremost, author second to that. If you know me or have heard me speak, I have made this statement on multiple occasions. The writer’s goal is to evoke emotion. To ensure the audience smiles laughs, cries, becomes angry or hurts for the characters that make up the story line. All writers/authors hope to fulfill this role successfully. Success can mean many things; dollars as in unit sales, emails from fans, parents, and aspiring writers, book signings or even requests for paid speaking engagements.

My intent as a writer/author has never changed. To deliver, regardless of how horrific the topic, stories that have beautiful endings. Why? I just like them and believe we do not have enough of them, therefore choose to create stories or pieces that have them. I am a visual writer, so laying out scenes that allow my audience to see what…

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