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Character Quotes from Lone Wolf by Dellani

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Beautiful New Cover by Suzette Vaughn Beautiful New Cover by Suzette Vaughn

Caprilla Mayeese is a giant, sentient cat. The Fellician people are all mercenaries, or provide support in the form of weapons, armor, etc. He and his team have helped Wil on more than one occasion. They arrive at Aolani and invite Wil, Marc and Matilda to dinner. The presence of seven foot cats in the restaurant, takes some patrons by surprise—to say the least.

Caprilla insisted on paying for dinner. “It was my invitation. I’ll fight anyone who argues.” He bared ferocious teeth, growling menacingly.

Several other diners called immediately for their checks, too terrified to remain.

“Cap, you’ll fight anyone for any reason,” Wil teased.

“But of course, that is the way of a warrior, is it not? We fight for glory, honor and….”

“A big ass paycheck! Oohrah!” He, Wil and Marc intoned together, raising their glasses high. They knocked back their…

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Character Quotes — The Excursion

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k and r

“Yes, most universities are in faerlin cities. Otherwise, you get an education from the monasteries.”

“Is that where you were educated?” Rachel asked.

“Never went to any schools.” The words came out rather boastful. This surprised her.

“Really? You’re quite articulate, and you certainly seem at home in Daegon’s court.”

With a shrug, Keinigan told her, “I eavesdrop and I imitate. It helps when sneaking around areas that offer the best loot.”

–THE EXCURSION, Book 3 in the Translations from Jorthus fantasy series by Ruth Davis Hays

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What Inspired The Story?

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IMG_2352What inspired the story, The Greenlee Project? I was asked that recently, authors are asked that question frequently about their work. Since this book is important to me, personally, and I believe in the topic, I thought I’d share in detail my inspiration for the book.

Writing this piece took me to a dark place, as a writer, and at times as a person. I became more of a recluse than I appear to be. Typical for writers; but I’m not a recluse. As an author and a publisher, I truly am busy. Why was this piece so hard to write? Moreover, what inspired it?

I was haunted for years by the Amanda Todd case, as a parent, who would not be? However, as the years passed and kids had access to social media tools, bullying started reeling out of control. Suicides started popping up in the news. Unfortunately for…

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Character Quotes — The Excursion

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“I should just become a hermit.” He sulked aloud. This line of self-pity never ceased to catch Lylith’s attention, though he doubted that it would ever end with her wrapped in his arms. “What maiden would want me?” He gestured towards the semi-hidden lovers that they passed. “This scarred face would repulse even a faery harlot. And this limp… I’m a broken man, Lylith. Ruined.”

“They are rugged. They add character.” She smiled. “Did any of the ladies on Daie complain?”

“They thought I was odd enough with the Sight; I was a curiosity to them. No one took me seriously as a lover.”

“I’m sure, when the right girl comes along… besides, the limp is hardly noticeable.”

He interrupted her, his rant no longer about gaining her attentions. “You don’t understand. No fae would consider coupling with me! These scars simply mark me as defective. Unable to defend myself…

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Veering Off Course

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My daughter and her boyfriend are Wyoming musicians, and they are traveling along the West Coast this week. Earlier in August they performed at an Oregon music festival, after which they texted a travel update. They were either going to head north to Portland or south toward northern California before heading back home.

“Which direction will you go?” I texted back.

“We’ll know when we get on the road,” came the reply.

It occurred to me that fiction writing is kind of like that, at least for me. I may have an outline and a general idea which way to go, but I’m never entirely sure what will happen until I get on the road.

About six months ago, a good friend who had just purchased a new home posted this on Facebook: “I just looked up Providence. It means ‘the protective care of God.’ This is the name of…

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Character Quotes From Miss Mary Mack By Rachel Rueben

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Miss Mary Quote

If you would like to read more check out the first pages of Miss Mary Mack here on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rachel-rueben/miss-mary-mack/1011411652246592

Author Bio:

Rachel Rueben is author of the bestselling YA novel Hag and The Eternal Bond Series both available on Wattpad. To keep up with Rachel, you can sign up for her frighteningly entertaining newsletter here.

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Odds, ends, crazy book ideas, and snippets from our book series

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Some days the words come to our manuscripts so quickly that we can hardly type them out.  Other days it feels like we can do everything but write.

I’ve been having a dry spell for a bit.  Even though I had a few ideas for books after talking to a few other authors.

One other author and I were discussing what genre sold today.  He told me cozy mysteries sold so he wanted to write a cozy mystery with clowns which made me laugh and feel better, even though clowns scare me.

I came up with a cozy mystery involving a Wiccan that drew a comic cat series which he found amusing.  I want to call it  ‘One Fat Witch’.  Who knows maybe I’ll work on that a bit and post it here.  Please kick me in the backside and remind me to write.

In the meantime, here’s a bit…

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