A New Fantasy Experience

Translations from Jorthus

This is the first series of adventures from the world of Jorthus.

THE DAWNSTONE TALE (Available on Amazon.com and E-book on Lulu.com)

The story begins with Lylith, a young spellsinger, traveling out from her home to explore the world that she has only read about in books. She feels the draw of a magical presence and innocently follows it. Along the way she becomes involved in the lives of Keinigan, a fae thief that is blackmailed into stealing a gemstone of great power, and Lord Dharromar, another kind of fae who has his own agenda where both the beautiful spellsinger and the gemstone are concerned.

THE CONVERGENCE (New! From Amazon.com and as an E-book on Lulu.com)

Lylith’s adventures continue as she learns more about her tower, the majiks, and her own power. She feels confident enough to present herself to the Council of Magda, who regulate the spellsingers and how they use their majiks. But, as she stumbles upon an ancient secret and a new threat.

THE EXCURSION (Coming soon on Amazon.com)

As her friends explore new paths in their lives, Lylith finds herself in a battle between the forces of order and chaos. With a new love interest and old allies, she must unlock the mysteries that threaten to tear Jorthus apart. One quest leads her to the world of Quorrelles and the answers that lie there. Another takes the faerlin, Keinigan, to the eastern territories where he and his new companions face a ferocious battle.

THE MIDNIGHT SHADOWS (working title. In production.)

As the keys to the salvation of Jorthus are brought together by inexplicable forces, Lylith and the others prepare for battle against an army that they had never known existed except in faerie tales and ghost stories. The darkness spreads across the lands until the devasating solution is found that will rid their world of the threat. But, it might disrupt the balance of all three worlds just to save one. The heroes prepare to use the majiks in a way that has never been attempted before while unseen, others are working to put out the light of all the worlds and ‘unmake’ creation.


The struggles for the life and power of Jorthus and Gerellus continue as the heroes are taken to the smallest of the sister planets. There they find a culture unlike any they have known. A world of tall, glass buildings and high technology where the Institution controls everything, even what people think and say. The majiks are bottled within the world, unused and dying. In order for everything to have a chance at finding balance, one thing must happen. The majiks must be released or else the heroes will be trapped in this oppressive regime.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about the sequels! 😀


    October 10, 2009 at 2:32 am

  2. Very very nice!! 😛


    October 11, 2009 at 3:35 am

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