A New Fantasy Experience

The worlds of Jorthus

This story involves not just the interaction of characters, but the bond between the three major planets that make up the system.

As all things move and effect others, so do the happenings on each world. The stories follow a handful of characters as they struggle through their own choices to salvage their homeworld and protect it from destruction. Their journey takes them across the three divergent planets to open the dimensions of possibility within themselves and in the universe around them in order to face their challenges with new strength and conviction.

The main world is Jorthus where races from all across the known galaxy have come to live in harmony and a simple peace, but all is not as it would seem and there are forces at work that threaten to open the door to chaos and death.

Further out is the world of Quorrelles, once hailed as Paradise, it was a world of sylvan beauty and wild, uninhibited creatures.

The smallest of the worlds is Gerellus. It was once the world of elves and dwarves, humans and gnomes. But as progress and technology overtook the natural flow, the races that preferred the simpler existence migrated to Jorthus through the paths of Majik.

The Majiks that exist in these worlds pulse and flow like life blood through the planet core and to each being that inhabit it. It responds to the call of all and can create wondrous or practical effects. Those that wield it are seen as special by those unable to grasp its purpose and these Spellsingers are often revered, but sometimes feared. Most of the people are more comfortable regarding the gifts of these powers as holy or sacred; they attribute the power to deity and call upon it in prayer, while the spellsingers see it as a simple spiritual exchange of energy that was established by the Creators long ago.

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