A New Fantasy Experience



Inquisitor:  “From where do you hail?”

Keinigan:     I was born on the wrong side of the wall (as the saying goes) in the Northern Fae Wood. That’s on the southern tip of Myretrae. I don’t know why they call them the northern woods unless there used to be a fae settlement on some continent further south. Thinking on it now, I believe there was a Fae Wood on what is now called the Unknown Lands. That is way far south.

“Why are you no longer there?”

Let’s just say that I had a disagreement with the faerlin authorities. They took an exception to some of my activities. Banishment was my own fault –and choice. I chose to leave the Wood rather than spend my life underground in a tiny, dark room. That’s how faerlins imprison their criminals; in airless, windowless rooms barely big enough to lie straight on the floor. No beds, no contact with anyone else. They know just what it takes to drive a faerlin insane.

Granted, I’m one of the only faerlins in history to have escaped a prison inside the Wood. That’s one reason I can never go back.

“What were your crimes?”

Oh, only stealing! That and escaping… unless they considered seduction a crime.  No, I think it was only stealing. That’s my answer.

“How old are you?”

By faerlin reckoning, I’m in my twenty-sixth agen. That’s about two hundred and sixty to you humans.

“Why do you flirt relentlessly with almost every woman you meet?”

Because I’m in my twenty-sixth agen. Why else?

“What is that translucent liquid in that vial you’re holding?”


“Are you a typical faerlin?”

Typical? No. I mean, I live outside the Wood; I get along well with humans; I’m not overly concerned with being better than anyone else. Frankly, I’ve become quite ….disillusioned with my race since living out here in the cities of Myretrae. I used to hold a lot of ingrained prejudices, but they are slowly falling away into the dust.

“Since we are being frank, which do you prefer:  faerlin or human women?”

Both! (chuckles) There is beauty to be found in both kinds. I happen to have access to more humans than faerlins, but I don’t think I have a preference.

“Let us try an experiment. Close your eyes and speak your first reaction to what I say.”



I need some.

(chuckles) “War.”

Pretty useless.



“True love.”

Endlessly elusive.

“What would you do if you saw a…. dragon?”

Hide from it.

“Or an ogre?”

Fight it.

“A changeling?”

Kill it. (opens his eyes) Wait, … can I change my answer on that one?

“I don’t think so. Gut reaction was the point of this.”


“Don’t worry. This is a confession. He’ll not hear of it.”

Who? (flashing innocent green eyes)

“The one you refer to as ‘the changeling’.”

Oh, I’m not scared of him.

“No one said that you were.”

Good. Because I’m not. Make sure and take note of that. I’m not.

“Duly noted, Keinigan. Thank you.”

(If anyone has other questions for or about the character of Keinigan, please leave a comment. 🙂 )

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  1. Aww I love that faerlin!! 😀

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    May 21, 2012 at 3:08 pm

  2. So much fun 🙂 Thank Keinigan for sharing 😀

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    May 21, 2012 at 7:18 pm

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