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Among the Shine Clan – Part 1

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among-the-shine-clan-coverIt wasn’t going to be a very good day, Fiddlestix could tell already. Not even 0800 and already she’d had six serious confrontations, three semi-serious and two minimal ones. Admittedly, some of the confrontations had been her fault. She had just finished a briefing with General McLain and wasn’t in much of a mood to be messed with. She hated days that started by putting her people on report, but the mission had everyone on edge, including her.

Nine heavily cybered soldiers and their semi-psychotic handler had gone AWOL nearly three days ago. Their last known position was deep in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee in an area known to be owned and protected by an organization who called themselves the Shine Clan.

The Shine Clan held to the principle that “The South Shall Rise Again”. They hated to admit that the War Between the States was over, and…

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New from Stephanie Osborn!

Cereal Authors

Chromosphere Press Announces Book 2 in the Division One Series!

11 APRIL 2017



What if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was right all along, and Harry Houdini really DID do his a small medium at large stephanie osbornillusions, not through sleight of hand, but via noncorporeal means? More, what if he could do this because…he wasn’t human?

Ari Ho’d’ni, Glu’g’ik son of the Special Steward of the Royal House of Va’du’sha’ā, better known to modern humans as an alien Gray from the ninth planet of Zeta Reticuli A, fled his homeworld with the rest of his family during a time of impending global civil war. With them, they brought a unique device which, in its absence, ultimately caused the failure of the uprisings and the collapse of the imperial regime. Consequently Va’du’sha’ā has been at peace for more than a century. What is the F’al, and why has a rebel faction sent…

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Character Quote from Bank on Love by Dellani

Cereal Authors

Carlton kissed her hand, making the women around them sigh. He was equally as handsome as Claude. In his red and gold uniform, he looked quite impressive.

“Does that come with the tour?” an older woman behind her asked in a sharp tone. “If so, I want mine!”

“Only for VIPs,” Carlton stated with a dazzling smile.

“How do I get to be one of those?” the woman asked, not letting it drop.

“By dating me,” Claude flashed his own brilliant grin. “Sorry, I’m taken.” He led Violet onto the elevator and Carlton closed the doors before anyone could join them.

“I guess that’s all part of the VIP treatment,” Violet giggled as the elevator started up.

“That’s Carlton’s twisted sense of humor.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Character Quotes from A Blacksmith’s Heart by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-image“Eat before it gets cold, Hana. I’m fine, just tired. It’s always like coming home here,” Aunt Enid said.

“Yeah, you don’t have Mom hovering around like a preppie vulture waiting for one of us to make a mistake.”

Hana hadn’t really meant to say it quite that way, but Enid almost exploded with laughter.

“Oh, my dear! If that isn’t the best way to describe Elaine! Hana’s mother makes Martha Stewart look like—”

“Andy Warhol?” Hana supplied helpfully.

“Exactly! I was thinking Jackson Pollack, but that’s even better. She’s such a stiff.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Finding Funding: Writing in a Kickstarter World

Kristen Twardowski

Readers and writers are living in a crowdfunded world. Where once publishers oversaw which books came into print now writers just need to convince potential readers to support them. Writers suddenly have more opportunities, but they are restricted by the market as well.

Origin of the Stick.gifKickstarter is one of the largest venues for crowdfunding publishing projects. In 2016, Kickstarter surpassed $100 million given to publishing projects. Several projects have achieved massive success by appealing to potential readers. These backers raised over $1.2 million to fund a reprint of the online comic The Order of the Stickand backers pledged over $5.4 million to resurrect the children’s reading program Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton. Of course these projects already had supporters who wanted to read their materials. The bulk of writing projects listed in the “Publishing” section of Kickstarter are less successful and are written by relatively unknown authors. A cursory glance…

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Character Quotes from Undercover Lover by Dellani

Cereal Authors

undercover-lover-cover“Honey, your phone’s ringing.” Blair pointed to Saige’s room.

“I’m amazed it’s working. Damn thing fell apart.”

“That happens when you throw it, dear,” her mother teased. “Tada!” She opened her bedroom door.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Just Breathe a Moment

Having just wrapped up a very long serial “short story”, I have a moment to step back and decide what to blog on next here at Cereal Authors. Usually the topics involve writing, reading, or the like; however, I have been wanting to touch on something for a long time:  The support and respect of artists.

I’m not here to condemn or remonstrate anyone. But, many artists (writers are included in this as writing is an art) feel undervalued in society as a whole. I speak with many on a near daily basis and the general consensus is that the hours and effort we put into our work is not always valued the same as, say, a factory made item at a store. There is the common meme  of the coffee cup price compared to an ebook price. Which one took longer and was harder to make? Let’s guess.

But, like I said, this blog is not to place blame on the consumer. No. I want to take this opportunity to celebrate the artists! Specifically, the ones I know, and who have few outlets for advertising or voice.

Aside from the wonderful writers here (all talented and hard working), I would like to draw some attention to other craftsmen in my midst. Please visit their pages, sites, or stores and give them a like or two or a share, even if you can’t afford to give them an income. 🙂

First, we have Myriad Fae Creations.


If you appreciate hand sculpted trinkets, costume pieces, whimsical soaps, faeries and the like, please visit her website, Facebook page, and Ebay offerings.  The creator is Kate Elizabeth Davis, a multi-media artist. She has been constructing fantastic works of her imagination since she was a child. I know because I grew up with her! Yes, she is my sister and she credits me as part of Myriad Fae because of my sketched cards, but I’m not playing favorites. Her work speaks for itself (and when the work happens to be a puppet made for a stage production, then it actually CAN speak for itself).

Second, I share with you Einini Glassworks.

https://scontent-mia1-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/553203_327447853980448_1117475337_n.jpg?oh=ead011529a67d4e5aed420c1eaf52d32&oe=59153E59Image may contain: indoor

A wife and husband team who create beauty and elegance in glass and stone. Brian Ellis is the stained glass artist and Heidi Ellis is the mosaic artist. Together, they have a variety to offer. Stained glass items including suncatchers, votive candle holders, and Tiffany reproduction lamps, as well as mosaic glass tile artwork including panels, candleholders, mirrors, tables and picture frames. Check out their items on Facebook, Etsy, or their website.

If you are more into 2D wall hanging art, our third artist is Harriet Duncan.

https://i2.wp.com/www.harrietduncan.com/assets/fine_art/Dicksee_Chick_120dpi.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/www.harrietduncan.com/assets/photography/Colony-Winter-Park.jpgNo automatic alt text available.

She is an award-winning photographer, graphic and fine artist who produces unique photography and fine art, documenting old Florida and other places, near & far. She has a flair for the eccentric and nostalgic. Her art draws on her bohemian roots and blends art deco with a Gauguin aspect for an intoxicating visual brew that one can best enjoy on a beach at sunset. Please explore her world on Facebook or her website.

This is just a sampling of the talent and hard work that can be found out there, waiting and eager to please some interested art appreciator. There are thousands. They create, display, and imagine in the hopes that something they found beautiful can gain a home with someone else that finds it beautiful, too.

Thank you for your time.

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