A New Fantasy Experience

The Northgate Papers

Over one hundred years after The Dawnstone Tale took place, a new race has emerged to carve out their own niche on Jorthus while the Journeymen’s Council is fighting to maintain their hold over the powers of the world. A new path to peace is being forged, but is threatened on all sides. The Unseen seek to manipulate the hearts and minds of those on Jorthus to achieve their great victory over the Creators Iym and Anom. Enul, the destroyer, wields great influence especially in a heart left unloved.

Northgate is a desolate area, one of rigorous survival and perfect for someone seeking redemption. The ogres of the Tribal Lands are moving south and threatening the trade routes which puts the militia of Northgate into a constant state of war. But, building up their army to hold back the ogres is only a distraction from the Journeymen’s true agenda. The key to their supremecy lies not within a gemstone or artifact, but within a little girl. And they will do anything to get her.

Some heroes are reunited to carry on the struggle against evil while others must rely on what they find only within themselves.

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