A New Fantasy Experience

Reader Reviews

Posted on Lulu.com about the Ebook:

By Heather

I have the print version of this book and it’s a delightful read. I fell in love with the characters and their exploits. I have recommended it to many friends. Take a chance on this nifty book …. You won’t regret it.

Posted on Fantasy-Fan.org Forum:

This was a pleasant surprise – clear, direct prose and pronounceable names! The characters are immediately engaging and there is a lightness, a freshness, about the work that makes it a pleasure to read. So far I’ve only read the previews but will read the rest once my back log is cleared. The cover is beautifully designed too.

ottoblightey Posted: Aug 10, 2009 – 08:47 AM

Posted on Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn’t put it down, September 13, 2009

By S. Wong

Unable to find enough time to read, I toted this novel with me everywhere to glance into this secret world of majiks. This adventure-romance offers an alternate realm that is refreshingly unique.
Through a series of independent events a trio mismatched traveling companions convene to partake in a mysterious quest. As they venture to different lands, they meet others unlike themselves, who offer further insight into the quest. As the adventure continues the personal agendas of each companion is reveled, and secrets of their pasts are exposed. Strengths and weaknesses trust and deceit lay ahead, but by whom, and at what cost… “The Dawnstone Tale” leaves you with answers, but wanting more. I’m looking forward to more from Ruth Hays on this exciting adventure.

5.0 out of 5 stars Intelligent and Thrilling Adventure, with characters you’ll love!, May 2, 2009

By Khanada Taylor

I absolutely love this book! And it is not only because it’s written by my best friend. 🙂 The Dawnstone Tale is impossible to put down. You get caught up in the character’s lives, their emotions and situations. I compare it to the best-selling books like the Dragonlance series and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. The characters are iconic, like Raistlin Majere and Lestat… So if you love smart, highly creative, original ideas that inspire and move you… You have GOT to read this. It’s the start to a series that promises to gather a real following as more people discover it. To find out more about this series and the characters and author, visit http://www.booksofjorthus.com.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story!!!!, July 11, 2009

By “Monster FX” (Kissimmee, FL)

The story is so compelling and well-written that it leaves you wanting more! The characters get more and more interesting as you join them on their adventure. The action is quick-paced, the danger is high and the romance is steamy! You’ll really love this book and the stories that follow.

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