A New Fantasy Experience

Frenashien’s Journal Excerpt

EXCERPTS from the JOURNALS of PROFESSOR G. FRENASHIEN, that Rachel salvaged from the Great Library at Calder City:

A Note on the Higher Beings of Jorthian Theology:

On Jorthus, Iym is the name given to the consciousness of Being, commonly referred to as The Creator; and Anom is the Harmony of existence. They are the constructive forces; the desire and love, the highest and first awareness, if you will.

Enul is the name given to the power to destroy. This essence, or awareness, cannot create for that is not its desire; but it can influence and infuse other matter with this same desire and the ability; and thus can give life to chaos.

“The Creators” (or “Higher Beings”) do not necessarily destroy; but in the wisdom and desire to maintain stability, they acknowledge the purpose served by destruction and allow Enul to continue; otherwise there would be too much in this existence and , inadvertently, chaos would indeed rule. That is the reason given for life and death. For, in this physical realm, there are limits– unlike the spirit realm. But, there are also illusions.

Now, is one essence greater? Who is to say; for all are infused into everything that was made– for as something is born, it can die.

Can Iym and Anom un-think something? Such as Enul? Can Iym unmake Enul? Possibly, but it seems contrary to the beginning of consciousness (or the first desire.) For, to unmake a thought without becoming a destroyer of the thing, it must be un-thought; blanked from all existence and wiped away from all that may have been effected by it. As the desire to deconstruct cannot  be twisted into a desire to make something, so I should think, the same is true for the Creators; to twist a desire to create into an act of destruction would pervert their first “want.”

As we are all connected by a lineage of these divine thoughts, conceived by the same creative essence, we have a common bond that links us through our consciousness. Everything that is created has a consequence on something else. A cause and effect relationship. And, in our perception and our awareness, we are connected to the two forces that are greater than ourselves, Iym and Enul.

According to Jorthian myth, Enul hates the control that Iym and Anom have upon the physical plane; and therefore, pushes against them in all things. The beings of this world symbolize this tension in many ways. It is that awareness of some consciousness (some balance or sense of morality) that makes the Essences so very real to us.

What are we simple beings of matter and thought? In creating something so like Itself in awareness and desires; yet with form and bound with limitations, so that we could experience all things and know all things that They themselves had conceived, what did the Creator being do?

We have all the limits of time and space to learn– like children in a playground before leaving it to discover the real world of adults.

But, I digress.

Levels of Being:

In the conscious existence of this dimension, there are said to be three realms of awareness, or states of being. The High, Middle, and Low. In the LowRealms (here in the physical) we are usually only aware of what we can sense or remember.

In the MidRealm (or spiritual plane) we hope to know more; as there will be less limitation, but it is believed that there we are aware of all that can be created or destroyed.

In the HighRealms, it is believed that all is known and we would be aware of all things. This is what a loving, creative spirit strives to attain, as it would mean melding with Harmony or Peace. The emmissars, along with the creators and guardians, are said to exist in this realm. Though, it is believed by many on Jorthus, that as a spirit dwells in one realm they may or may not be aware of what is in the others; unless they have been there or are given to know by Iym or Anom.

Some say that the Guardians of all realms can grant liberty to, or lead spirits through, all the realms and protect against the destruction of them that Enul seeks.

However, all that I have written is under debate and only stands true for the strident souls of this system. But, my travels have taken me (and my mate) to far places amongst the stars, and I have seen the same light in the mysteries of the heavens as I have seen reflecting in the bright eyes of the “spiritual”, the “faithful”, and all those that call themselves children of the universe.

In regards to what I personally believe from all that I have experienced, it is my own humble opinion, derived from the various myths and beliefs I have heard, that there is a greater conscientiousness (be it an intelligent essence or sentient creation) that dwelt in the beginning of existence and created the spark of life, at least as far as we are concerned. We will not know for certain until we cross into that MidRealm of non-flesh called death, or immortality.

There is a common myth that when something is destroyed on one realm, its essence still exists and can be reconstructed on another realm, such as in the spirit plane, it can then be summoned to the physical, or into flesh again by the Guardians who hold sway over the Mid- and Lower- realms. This can only be learned with certainty by passing through these states of being, which I have not done.

Though, I do hope in the immortality of the essence, or spirit as it is commonly known here; for matter that has been brought into existence, in whatever form, can reshape, but still exist; in short it goes on beyond its first “death”.

That too, we will only know when we get there.


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