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Meet Harriet Duncan, a local Florida artist and photographer. I have the pleasure of working with her each week at our mutual part-time gig, but if you are the adventurous type and love scenic, nostalgia fueled trips then visit her photo journal. She takes us to various places in Florida, highlighting the photos with her road stories.

If you are in central Florida and like a quick getaway, you can find Harriet at both the Winter Park Farmers’ Market and the Orlando Farmers’ Market at Lake Eola on the weekends. Her prints are displayed and sold on the sun-dappled walkways of Lake Eola amid a variety of jewelers and craft-workers.  It is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and you might even walk away with some unique pieces that speak to the bohemian spirit inside you!


Born in Bavaria, Harriet lived in both Germany and the US Midwest as a child. In 1965, her parents took over the family farm in New Jersey where she and her sister helped them grow vegetables and flowers. She moved to Central Florida in 1985; her studio is in College Park, Orlando. You can also catch up on her work and whereabouts on Facebook.