A New Fantasy Experience

The Unforgivable Part 3

On the rim of the forest, Keinigan walked with a determination that was not his own. The words of his lady sought him over the leagues and drew him to her. The time until he could see her face again would be a misery, the path of her majiks would shorten his journey only a little. He would still have to find the stone arch where he had left her favor and retrieve it before he could return to the edge of her blessed swamp. Only when he saw the dark and shredded moss of her lands would he feel at peace. Every moment that he spent out of her presence, even when about her business, he was in torment. The pull of the filling moons did nothing to ease his swelling need to see her again. He was flailing in madness on the inside and only Magda Mooriah could save him, steady him, and bring him the satisfaction that he craved.

As his thoughts bore down upon his destination, his feet flew faster over the land, up the wooded slopes and through the tangles of underbrush. Nimble, sure and swift, he moved knowing that each breath brought him closer to his lady love with news that would please her greatly. He was hers to command, completely.


Lost to his pleasure, Dharromar reveled in Marae’ana’s touch; crawling closer as she brushed his face and hair, the heat of her fingers grazing the line of his ears seductively. He pursued her lips, taking her up in a fevered kiss as he prowled over top of her. His body pressing her down to the earth in his desperate effort to encase himself with her. Breathless and uncertain, she embraced him to bury her face in his sinewy neck as she felt his claws scrape gently up her thigh, brushing her gown up out of his way as his arms encircled her petite body; squeezing it against his own.

Hot whispered moans tickled her ear, igniting her past endurance and she could not help but cry out as his kisses stroked her tender flesh there, the stiff brush of his fangs driving her harder towards the brink of the indefensible frenzy. Councils and laws that had been forced upon her by the faerlin culture; the word of the elders to dictate the decency of the land; the forbidden lusts not spoken of in proper society…all meaningless in his arms.

Together they raced to that dark abyss, his broad shoulders arching above her as he perched on his haunches for a moment with the moons sparking in his blue eyes to lend them a cold fire. The distance between their bodies left her chilled and she leapt up to find herself in his embrace once more. Her kisses pulling at his tall ears, she heard his groan, his body rising and lifting her with him.

“More.” He growled against her neck. Unsure of his meaning, she brushed against the curved skin, manipulating it with her lips as he cried out for more. The skin of his back stretched and bent and she felt bone like protrusions burst from him. In shock she looked up to see two great wings sprout and flex as he gripped her harder.

Strange, but not frightening, Marae’ana felt his passion smothering her and knew that she had enough to match. He knelt to brace her on his knee as he grabbed her delicate ears roughly and buried his face in the shallow of her throat as if to bite her. Fear and sensation wrapped her, his touch commanding and magnificent as the stroke and brush of him drove her body to submit to the bliss he gave. Each breath on her skin with the threat of piercing strength tickled, each firm caress on her ears showing her what he had meant; her blood crested and pushed to heat her as the twist of want pounded against her powerfully, calling out to have him finally and totally within her. Marae’ana gave in, his command inescapable. With a sudden urge, she took his supple eartip into her bite. She tugged hard and was rewarded with his cry of rapture.

He returned the forbidden ecstasy with a fierce, bitter fervor of his own.


Entwined, wings beating against the winds of the night, intense ardor gave way to pain and Marae’ana screamed out, the black claws of her lover cutting into her back in his throes. Tears cut through her blinded lusts and she saw him recoil. Her body still a tingle from their passionate play, she had not wanted to halt it but be swept away by it, but his strength had gone too far before she was ready. It had taken her by surprise more than hurt her, but at the change in her tone, Dharromar was awakened to the injury and retreated in frustrated shame to slam his fist into the stone wall near them. The sting of the cool night touching their blood, called down a quick awareness of what had been about to happen.

He stared at the tiny cuts on his knuckles as out of the corner of his eye he saw her swipe at her back and gape at the blood dark on her hands. Panting like a woman awoken from a nightmare, Marae’ana looked up at him. Shaking his head, he cursed himself; she had been too yielding. She had not fought him like others had. He wanted to leave her sight. He wanted to beg her forgiveness. And still as his pulse thudded inside him he knew that he wanted to take her again and not stop no matter how she cried.

“Stay away from me if you know what’s good.” He snarled as she was rising to come into his arms ready to tell him that it was nothing, that it was an accident, and that she was not all that hurt. But, he knew better.

“But, I don’t care!” she wailed, reaching for him. “It hurt but it meant that I can feel. Don’t you see? All my life, I have been numb, asleep. I want to be awakened. I want you even if it stings. Please don’t think that I blame you or that we must stop.”

Dharromar backed away from her advance, his wings trapping him in the decaying doorway. “You don’t get it” he insisted as he held her off. “I told you before, I am death. We can’t do this here, in the draw of the moons, the snare of the wood. It’s too dangerous. If you’re not strong enough to fight for life, I’ll kill you. Leave now and let me leave. Before it is too late.”

“Shhhh.” She pressed past his weakening guard and came close, brushing his uneven hair away from his downcast face gently. “I see what you are; and it is more than what you give heed to. You are not one thing only. None of us are. If you were Death, then you would not have stopped and I would be dead. Don’t you see? You are Passion. In that aspect you feel deeply, quickly, and far more than you know how to contain. You are an incarnate and you have forgotten all that you once were, but I have studied what was written about such things. Do not throw me off so easily for I can see your struggle. Please, let me be with you. Let me help you. Then, if the time is right, we can finish what we began here.”

Her brilliant gray eyes plied him with the promise of her certainty and she saw him struggling against the surging tide that he had been treading alone as it grew ready to drown him in his confusion. She felt his pale, warm hand cup the soft side of her cheek and run one hard talon down her face slowly as he clung to her words like a rock in the raging ocean.

The conviction of her faith in him swelled inside his chest until it hurt but he admitted that he had no one else, and alone he would only continue on this aimless path of destruction as he followed the voices of vengeance.

Marae’ana steadied him. She had a strength to her that he had not seen. Even if he never understood it, he knew that he could use it. Without another word, he accepted her with a strong embrace as he leapt into the air, wings carrying him high into the darkened sky with her at his side.

To where they were headed, he knew not. But, he would not be alone this time.

***************************************** (2010)


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