A New Fantasy Experience

Fedelta Parte 25: Regret Me Not

Cereal Authors

397450942_c0cb3cf04e_z Photo by Arthur Lin via Flickr

Cassie waited impatiently in a corner booth of Carmelita’s restaurant for Stephano.  Tapping her red nails on the table’s black, laminate veneer, she wondered what was the angle?  Either he had talked to his boss, or he didn’t want his wife Destiny, hearing what he had to say.  Perhaps it was a little of both?  Turning her head towards the window she watched people passing by the coffee house, when finally she saw him.  Dressed in a long trench coat, and his face barely peeking out from the black fedora covering his head was Stephano Rimaldi.  Flanked by his two bodyguards he walked into the coffee house and was greeted instantly by a server who took his coat and hat then carefully placed them on the coat rack in the corner, right next to Cassie’s table.  Stephano looked over his should at one of…

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    December 3, 2016 at 4:35 am

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