A New Fantasy Experience

Character Quotes from THE CONVERGENCE

Cereal Authors

by R L Davis Hays

“…Did you say that his mother cut his ears?”

Lylith nodded blandly. “As a child, she tried to make him look more elven by trimming them shorter. They healed over quickly, he said, but they always grew back to the same shape afterwards. Over a couple of years, of course. So, she had to keep cutting them.”

conv cover for blogsKeinigan’s hands flew protectively to his own ears, “Ouch! I don’t even want to think about that. That’s horrible.”

“I thought it was cruel when he told me, but since you’ve told me how…sensitive they are for faerlins, now I find it very cruel and heartless treatment indeed.” She gasped. “Why, it would be like cutting off part of his…”

Her words were stopped by the faerlin. “Don’t say it!” Keinigan insisted.

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