A New Fantasy Experience

Where the Winds Blow — Part 22

Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays — 2015

In the bustling industry town of Jeullion unda Revota, amid treeless grasslands that sparkled with emeralds in the winter sun, the winds never ceased. They carried the cool air down from the mountains to tell of the seasons. They blew in scents of foreign flowers and woodlands where the fae rule, yet no wind or shining beam of sun could freshen the halls of Lauralei’s life as it grew stale around her…

Lauralei relished the pull of the thick bristled hairbrush smoothing down her brunette locks. She opened her eyes and stared into the candlelit mirror, its bronze frame crawling with intricately carved shapes. Long-tailed animals and vines writhed around the perimeter of the dark glass. Glancing up to the reflection of the maidservant behind her, Lauralei watched the repetitious movement of the hands as she wielded the brush. Ameila was her name. Lauralei…

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