A New Fantasy Experience

Character Quotes — The Excursion

Cereal Authors

From Book Three, THE EXCURSION by Ruth Davis Hays

“A creature of Fae-kin, except hideous with black hair?” the knight asked.

translations cover front 96She nodded again. “Larger than a gobberlin and not a trollick. My friend, Keinigan, said that it reminded him of some ancient daemon from faerlin tales.” She looked up at them both.

“There are myriad species that settled on Jorthus. I cannot say off-hand, without checking my books, if there are others of this description. It may be an undocumented breed,” said the satyr. His eyes fell to Trevalin. “I daresay, it looks as though you have heard of this beast before.”

“What was it?” she asked the knight, taking his hands firmly, despite the chill metal of his artificial right arm. “A daemon or something else?”

“I heard tales in the Fae Wood that spoke of dark beings with wings and horrific passions that lurked on the edge…

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