A New Fantasy Experience

Character Quotes — The Convergence

Cereal Authors

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“I was hoping that you would have time to talk to Becka… about your intentions.” Mistress Elizabeth hedged. “She is a very impressionable girl and…”

With an exasperated groan, her master cut her off. “Tell her that I’m betrothed to Lady Halsenor and that she is better off continuing with her own marriage plans.”

The housekeeper cocked her head disapprovingly. “Are you?”

Dharromar  gave  her  a  level  glare.  “Do  you  want your daughter to marry the man you chose for her or continue pining over me?” he asked. She relented, recognizing his tone. “Now, I will need two hundred thousand pents’ worth in gemstones from the treasury for my trip. And, I will need Buster saddled and ready in half an hour.”

Her mouth was agape. “Two hundred thousand? I think  I’m  having  a  heart  attack.”  She  gasped  and grabbed her ample bosom in mild shock.

“Well, I’ve got a…

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