A New Fantasy Experience

Sea of Destiny – Part 48

Cereal Authors

sea of destiny coverOn his way to Miami to see his father, Kyle makes a detour and stops in West Palm Beach to see their old house, now a wreck from hurricane damage.

Standing with his hands in his pockets, he teased a section of the driveway with his toes, clearing the space. Two hand prints marked the driveway. His neat and clear, Chris’ scrunched, almost indiscernible as a hand. Their names and the date had been inscribed beneath, but it wasn’t their mother’s writing. “Christopher and Kyle June 5th, 1983.”

Kyle barely remembered that day. Their dad, so proud of the new house, had driven them over when the concrete was poured. The men let him make the prints and scratch the names in the concrete, laughing as the baby protested.

He snapped a photo of it with his cellphone. “We were happy then, weren’t we? Or did I just think that…

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