A New Fantasy Experience

The Convergence — Character Quotes

Cereal Authors

“Well, a Faerlin matures in stages that are typically marked by both ritual and nature. We grow to our adult physical shape rather quickly, looking fully grown by about one hundred and fifty or so.”

“That’s quickly?” she giggled.

Keinigan nodded at her sarcasm, “Considering we have more than nineteen hundred more years to go, it is. Even then, we are not completely ‘mature,’ to a degree. It would be like a twenty-year-old human with a thirteen-year-old mind. Our minds catch up to our bodies over the next century, so we don’t really have a preoccupation with things of a carnal nature until we are over two hundred years old. That allows young faerlins to arrange an apprenticeship before the heart takes control and we pursue a mate. In the Faerl culture, the time when we actively seek companionship, love, a lifelong mate, or whatever you will, is called Djo’dor…

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