A New Fantasy Experience

The Convergence — Character Quotes

Cereal Authors

Plopping on the ground to relieve my feet for a while proved unproductive. All I did was run through mental scenarios that I could think to explain my circumstances; the best I came up with was possibly amnesia.

conv cover for blogsIt could also be a hallucination. My mind split off into so many excuses that I had to give the exercise up out of the pure pain it caused me.

In the hours that I spent thinking on it, logic had definitely been ruled out as an acceptable train of thought. It just wasn’t logical to be one place at one moment and somewhere completely different the next.

Rationality, too, was out of the question. So, I stuck with what I had; what I could find was concrete. My senses.

I had always heard people say “to live in the moment,” well, now I have no other choice. Was my memory reliable?…

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