A New Fantasy Experience

The Convergence Character Quotes.

Cereal Authors

Keinigan caught her by the wrist just before she slipped a dagger into his side. As she looked at him surprised, he grins with a shake of his head. “Ah, ah. You forgot I can see the future. Not that I needed to in this case. A dagger in the folds of your dress, Gala? Is that really your style? You’re a guild thief. Isn’t this overstepping your bounds?”

She broke into that lopsided smile once more as she backed away, pulling her hand free. “Only a little. Besides, I won’t be the last, Keen. I know who the soldiers are looking for now. Lord Weiss is that handsome fellow we saw in the tavern last year and, if that is so, then the woman with him is the magda. If you value your life as much as I know you do, or the life of your little redhead magda…

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