A New Fantasy Experience

Sea of Destiny – Part 47

Cereal Authors

sea of destiny coverKyle is doing his best to mend his fences. He takes time to visit and talk to his mother, as well as calling his father in Mexico. He makes plans to visit him in Miami later in the month and is somewhat startled to find out his mother and brother will be joining him.

Steeling himself, he called his brother. Chris had his own diving shop in Key West. The two brothers didn’t see each other very often, but were very close despite their distance. When Margo died, Chris was the one who helped him put his life back together. Next to Carmelita, Chris was his best friend.

“Hey, kiddo, what’s up?” He tried to keep it light. He could sustain that maybe thirty seconds before Chris nailed him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why should anything be wrong?”

“You only call me kiddo when you want me to think nothing is wrong…

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