A New Fantasy Experience

Sea of Destiny – Part 46

Cereal Authors

sea of destiny coverBack from vacation, Kyle goes about like a zombie. His boss finally calls him on it and tells him to go until he can get his head in the game. He takes the time to visit his mother and get things straightened out with her. Finally, he knows it’s time to talk to Fr. Michael.

When he got home, he started the lengthy process of calling his father. When he eventually got through to the mission, his father was out on a home visit.

“I’ll tell him you called,” Pablo assured him. “Thank you, my son. This means much to him.”

The next call was the hardest. Instead of calling Emily himself, he asked Carmelita to put a call through. They made up some bogus company name and persona. Once she was through the switchboard, Kyle took the phone. The next voice he heard was Emily’s. She sounded subdued and…

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