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The Versatile Blogger Award



 Thank you, Dellani Oakes, for nominating me. To learn more about the wonderful and prolific Dellani, check out Dellani’s blog here.

My next step is to tell you 7 random things about myself. Okay, so… random thing number–

1- The Empire Strikes Back helped me meet my best friend. I was reading the novel adaption in English class back in 8th grade (1980) and a voice behind me asked, “Have you seen the movie?” I replied, “Twice!” And we have been spirit-sisters ever since. She even did much of the beautiful artwork seen in my Jorthus novels. (Miss you, Khanada!)

2- Since I’ve brought up Star Wars, why not mention that I saw the original Star Wars(before it was dubbed A New Hope) in the theaters 21 times.  (‘nuf said.)

3- I’ve fallen off a horse at least five times. Four different horses, but still… The worst one was when a group of riders from my parents’ boarding stable were traveling along a backwoods highway ditch and a dog came out of some high grass to the side of the road and startled the horses. Mine sidestepped into the ditch and tumbled. I remember seeing grass, white fur, hooves, and sky as the horse rolled on top of me before standing back up. Funny thing was he seemed to be trying his darnedest not to step on me.  He was a sweet ol’horse.

4- While we’re on the subject of the distant past of the ’80’s, I could mention that I started writing stories in high school. They would probably be what is termed Fanfic now, but at the time, it was just plain silly tales of the lovelorn. I wrote a vampire tale (yes, but it was not going to end pretty), a couple of twilight-zone type tales, and even a “we’re lost on a deserted island” type. All of them involved either the members of Duran Duran or some morphed versions of them. (Only a few ideas survived to be twisted into something worthwhile.)

5- I had open heart surgery when I was two. It is not a big procedure today, but back in 1969, I did have the chance of dying during it. In fact, my mother told me once that my heart did stop beating for a few seconds on the way to the hospital.

6- Speaking of dying, my next fun fact is:  I’ve been on two ghost hunts, and on the second one, we did catch an audio voice that no one could explain. It was in the Titanic:  The Experience exhibit, here in Orlando, after hours. We stayed ’till midnight and as the ghost-hunters were wrapping things up, someone heard a voice say, “‘ello.” Fortunately, their mics were still on. It was very clear on the playback.

7- Some readers may know that I had the exhilarating chance to be an extra in an independent film (Legend of the Red Reaper) with the lovely Tara Cardinallylith bk 3 test 007(who also graciously let me photograph her as a model for the Lylith artwork on the Jorthus covers).


But, not many know that I also was in a play in college with Michael Emerson Emerson Hamlet(who I got to see in productions of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet).  

He was co-directing a UNF/FCCJ production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. I was cast as Juliet.


Also, at FSU a few years later, I was personal dresser to Leland Gantt, who was a guest performer in a production of Othello.

leland gantt


So, enough about me! Let’s see if we can find out 7 random facts about others. I nominate Tracey Angelina Evans, Juli Page Morgan, and Heather Poinsett-Dunbar.

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