A New Fantasy Experience

New Short Fiction here and on Facebook.

In the Short Segments section here, is an evolving short story pertaining to the world of Jorthus. Specifically, the history of one character from the main series. Dharromar. He is known as a changeling, which is a fae being little seen on the world. Shrouded by rumor and ghostly tales, a changeling is routinely outcast from the rest of fae society and must live among humans…if it lives at all.

This story is about our changeling and his time among his step-family, the Khnyghtsydes. His mother, a faerlin (which is a taller, hardier fae being than an elf, but similar to the traditional elves of fantasy) has married a human in order to provide a safe home for herself and her son. But, will it stay safe? That remains to be seen.

Please enjoy First Love – Parts 1, 2, and 3, as I work on transferring this story to Facebook, WordPress, and my website.

Feel free to LIKE, SHARE, or even insult my tale, if you wish! I love feedback. It helps me grow and lets me know what readers want to read next.

**(Also, just a brief note: Parts 3 and beyond will deal with mature content. The naughty side of the fae is exposed…as it were)**

Ruth Davis Hays


One response

  1. I have GOT to get caught up on these! BAD BAD Nada!! I will, promise. I’ve just been so boggled lately, stopping to read only happens right before bed and I’m in the midst of a series I’m trying to finish. But I cannot miss out on any of your wonderful writing!!


    October 24, 2012 at 10:44 am

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