A New Fantasy Experience

Searching for Titles…

As I filter through the combined files of The Convergence, it becomes increasingly apparent that it is a big book. Over 500 pages, which some people might consider daunting. Shifting appendix pages and adding a prologue as well as pictures, I decided that it might be as good a time as any to break the book into two. Thus, lowering the cost, but will it lower the enjoyment?

I had a specific agenda set with the book’s layout and pace, so finding an appropriate cutting point is difficult without taking out the oomph of the climax. I hope that I can arrange it as more of a mysterious cliffhanger than an all out action sequence at the half-way point.

For those of you that have already read The Convergence, you will not be missing anything (except maybe the new prologue, but I will be posting it as a teaser, so nix that thought.) But, I do PROMISE to finish the sequel, The Midnight Shadows, as soon as possible after the illustrations for both books are done.

Hopefully, you will still be interested in what is about to happen to the characters and the planet. There will be dark and nasty paths to tread before these tales are through. I hope that you will join me on the adventure.

Cheers and Thanks be,

Ruth Davis Hays 🙂


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