A New Fantasy Experience

Nearing Completion

The second volume in the Jorthus cycle has been sent to the printers and I am awaiting the proof so that I can approve it and set it for release.  It is always an exciting pause in the writing process to realize that you’ve finished another piece of the puzzle and it is out of your hands for now.  I have the luxury of knowing that I can alter or re-edit my books at any time with a simple upload, but if it is not a major “issue” I do hesitate to resubmit a whole new manuscript as it can get expense if I do lots of little revisions. One major revision may be in the future, but hopefully that will be it.

The second book, The Convergence, is more involved than Dawnstone Tale as I get to deal with the characters separately in their own little parts of the world before they cross paths again. The reader sees them and gets to know them all a little bit better (at least I hope they do, haha). There is more action, more drama, and more ….well sex as it were! Though the tale does not end with this one, it is merely part one of a two part, well actually three part storyline.

There are new players in the game. A couple of them from different worlds entirely! I’m getting excited about this part of the story and I hope that my readers will too!


One response

  1. Cannot wait to get a copy of The Convergence! 😀


    January 12, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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